About Us

The Bricktree is a professional real estate consultancy firm whose purpose is to guide builders and buyers through the often complex processes of selling and buying a home. We do this successfully by combining a dedication and vast knowledge in the real estate industry, with the best online marketing and tools. Today, we’ve become one of Pune’s most visited real estate websites, making us a prime resource for reaching today’s active online home buyers.
  • Our Vision: To be the leading real estate consultancy firm for builders who wish to build their brand in the most professional and sincere way. We aim to make the real estate industry more organised, creative and proactive in its approach.
    Our vision is to be the preeminent real estate consultancy firm - the first choice of builders and buyers alike.
  • Our Mission:
    In order to achieve our vision we provide sincere and professional advisory service to every builder and buyer at all times. We stay ahead of the curve by being proactive in our market knowledge and research. We always put our people’s and client’s interests first and look at every relationship as along term association.
  • Our Values:
    We value Honesty, Integrity and Authenticity in all that we do.
  • Our Beliefs & Standards:
    • Focus:  Our focus is always on the best possible outcome for all.
    • Understanding:  We seek people with humility and a desire to learn.
    • Respect:  We respect everyone at all times, without exception.
    • Commitment:  We work to bring the best of ourselves to each builder and buyer.
    • Contribution:  We don’t hesitate to give best services to builder and buyer because we know builder and buyer have invested in us.
    • Discipline:  We choose to spend our time in productive activities and dialogues that improve ourselves and the experiences of everyone we encounter.

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